Health Economics

Development and Adaptation of Economic Models

Our excellent understanding of the Canadian health care system and our advanced modeling techniques allow us to perform economic assessments that meet the specific requirements of different payers. In addition to our Canadian expertise, we specialize in adapting economic evaluations to the societal perspective, which is a requirement of Quebec’s Institut national d’excellence en santé et en services sociaux (INESSS).

Budget Impact Analyses

Peripharm specializes in the development of high-quality budget impact analyses that estimate the economic impact associated with the reimbursement of a new treatment. These analyses are performed according to an epidemiological approach or claim-based approach and are adapted according to the specific requirements for different payers.

Cost of Illness Studies

Cost of illness studies are designed to estimate the economic burden of a disease for a given population, including health care costs and costs associated with the loss of work productivity and informal care. By combining data from different sources, our team can produce a realistic assessment of the economic impact associated with a given disease.

Development of Tools for Negotiating Purposes

Drug reimbursement submissions often result in subsequent negotiations with Canadian payers. To facilitate these negotiations, PeriPharm is skilled in the development of tools that will analyze the economic impact of various reimbursement scenarios that can be offered to payers.

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Health Economics

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