Strategic Consulting

In-licensing Market Assessment

The marketability of a product is a determining factor in the evaluation of in-licensing opportunities. Our experts can assess the commercial potential of licenses for the Canadian market. Our assessments include a scan of the environment, a critical analysis of clinical data and unmet needs as well as a preliminary estimate of the potential price.

Strategic Market Access Analysis

Our expertise and knowledge of the Canadian market allows us to conduct in-depth analyses of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from a clinical, pharmacoeconomic and market access perspective. Furthermore, we can help highlight the added value of a product through the development of a global value dossier.

Critical Analysis of Submissions to Payers

Our expertise in reimbursement requests makes us the ideal partner to make a critical analysis of the prepared documents prior to submission to the various payers as well as the rendered decision notices. On the other side, we can advise private payers in their reimbursement decisions by performing Health Technology Assessments, which includes both the therapeutic value and cost-effectiveness of the treatment in question.

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